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Seamless MiniSplit Line Set

Your choice for insulated copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration.


Construction that surpasses your expectations,
ensures a lifetime of performance.

Completed connecting copper pipe
Thickened insulated cotton

We’re not content to comply with industry tested measurements of performance and composition. The materials we use and the additional construction methods we employ have our line sets exceeding both PSI requirements and the ASTM material composition ranges.

Our tubing, 14% thicker than our competitor, is 99.9% pure copper.

Our copper is surrounded by three layers of protection.

Each layer specially designed with features that deliver unmatched performances of heat-insulation, flame-retarded and anti-aging.+

Wostore Three-layer Insulated Line Set

Better Than
Other Two Layer Insulated Line Set

Installation made easy

Leak-free, worry-free installation comes from perfectly designed flaring ends that ensuring a tight fit. The added cushion and material of our insulated copper pipes help same time and frustration by being practically kink proof. Finally, we know how important measurements are, that’s why every foot of our tubing is marketed with a corresponding number.